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June 19, 2019

🤘🏻😂🤘🏻 k60.kn3.net Source

Samhain Source

We’re live with Ashley Young Source

Live Interview with New Dilemma Source

When the pit gets real!!! Stupidly Brutal Death Grind! Song you are hearing is “Prize Pie” from band Synapse Defect! Source

What in tarnation!? I’ll tell you whut… Source

Bald Man Band – Dad Source

Ice Nine Kills Spencer is going LIVE! Come hang… Source

Florida Metal Scene – Metalheads United Welcome to your metal scene! Play Video We founded Florida Metal Scene with a few missions; We’ve watched many bullshit promoters attempt to profit off of the hard work of struggling musicians in our area.The only thing we could see creating that situation was a disconnect between the musicians, […]