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Initially drawn to Metal and Hard Rock, Scott soon set out to discover other bands and genres to satisfy his appetite for new music.  Going to endless shows at Radio City in Anaheim and Fenders in Long Beach, Scott was quickly exposed to a whole new sound of Thrash and beyond.  The exposure and energy of this sound soon drew Scott’s interest into becoming a performer.  While owning drums and guitars, the patience and diligence never came and he found his way to being a Vocalist.  Garage bands ensued, and the addiction was real.  Upon focusing on this skill, Scott took the next step in lessons and practice to hone his craft.  At the age of 17, Scott was invited to join Black Dragon/RCA Recording Artists, Steel Vengeance.  While this partnership was short-lived, what it brought in education and knowledge could cover a lifetime.  At this same time, Scott started an internship with Engima Records, which lead to Metal Blade Records.  Further exposure and learning at the footsteps of what became to some the launch pad of Metal was a tremendous experience.

Scott has continued to write and record songs with NoCoN, and with this latest chapter, has now joined the OA Radio team as host of NoCoNsideration.  This show will focus on Metal and Hard Rock and everything in between, highlighting new and established artists.

To share feedback or request a song from an artist, Scott can be reached at [email protected], on FaceBook at NoCoNsideration Radio Show or on Twitter – NoConsideration Radio Show



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