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Founding Father of The Redneck Metal Mafia brings to the table a vast knowledge of the things you forgot about. this alone makes him another reason Rock Assault Radio is one of internet radio's fastest-growing shows. He has been in the industry (mostly as a fan) for 25 plus years and has connections deep into the underground of metal and rock. His ability to keep Big Will rolling with quick responses, In-depth knowledge and take no shit attitude make him a personality that people embrace. Metal Mike says Metal Up

Founding Father of The Redneck Metal Mafia has been in the industry for 25 years as an artist, manager, consultant, beer runner and now hosts Rock Assault Radio. His love for the music, knowledge of the industry and quick-witted, random ADHD outbursts make him one of internet radio's fastest growing on-air personalities. Big Will says love me or hate me, just crank up the metal and laugh with me.

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