Florida Metal Scene – Metalheads United Welcome to your metal scene! Play Video We founded Florida Metal Scene with a few missions; We’ve watched many bullshit promoters attempt to profit off of the hard work of struggling musicians in our area.The only thing we could see creating that situation was a disconnect between the musicians, […]

Catch Metal Meltdown on The OA Radio NOW! Hear music from bands like: Powerhouse, Body Stacker, Chernobyl the Secret, Cruel Bomb, Jackpipe, Thy Station, The Glorious Rebellion, Vetika, Blacken Light, and War criminal ! Tune in here -> Source

Never run out of coffee and metal! Source

Our new music video is here!!! 🚨🚨 We’re a Central Florida Alternative Metal band with mix of many other things. Take a look at our video and let us know what you think in the comments below 👇🏻. 🎥 Second Take Media Source

When *NSYNC goes metal! 😂😂 Featuring: Tom Barber/Chelsea Grin Tyler Shelton/Traitors Joe Bad/Fit For An Autopsy Source

Dad’s metal festival for son with cerebral palsy. Source

Road trip!! #GetSome#MetalFamily#TAKEOVER 11 Metal Travel Destinations Every Metalhead Should Visit A bone church, an eternally burning crater called 'The Gates of Hell,' and a lot more. Source

Thoughts?? 🤔AWESOME…🤘🔥 Sharks In Your Mouth Source #CuzScience#GetSome#TAKEOVER Science Explains How Metal Singers are Able to Scream Without Damaging Their Vocal Cords | MetalSucks Basically, metal singers do what babies do. Source


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