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Raised in Orange County CA, Scott Nocon became a fan of music at an early age.

Founding Father of The Redneck Metal Mafia brings to the table a vast knowledge of the things you forgot about. this alone makes him another reason Rock Assault Radio is one of internet radio's fastest-growing shows. He has been in the industry (mostly as a fan) for 25 plus years and has connections deep into the underground of metal and rock. His ability to keep Big Will rolling with quick responses, In-depth knowledge and take no shit attitude make him a personality that people embrace. Metal Mike says Metal Up

Founding Father of The Redneck Metal Mafia has been in the industry for 25 years as an artist, manager, consultant, beer runner and now hosts Rock Assault Radio. His love for the music, knowledge of the industry and quick-witted, random ADHD outbursts make him one of internet radio's fastest growing on-air personalities. Big Will says love me or hate me, just crank up the metal and laugh with me.

We at The Sound Lab promote the best new music around. Playing the best of indie to pop, rock to dance, we play them all. Weekly features include interviews from gigs and festivals from around the world and even some over the phone. We play a weekly remix and the last track from a brand new album. We at The Sound Lab have reported from many festivals and have interviewed some incredible bands, all of which you hear on the show. Tune in every week for more great music and more great interviews and hey, you may find your next favorite song! Kind Regards, Jim Garrett

Born and raised on rock n roll, Marz has always been very passionate about music. From a young age she was booking local metal and rock bands in her small home town and has since always tried to keep her hands on the scene. From amateur photography at shows to just raging, you can most likely find her where the locals are.

My name is Jay Wilcox, My Brother’s and Sisters call me PrimeTime. I’m originally from Baltimore and now reside in West Virginia. I love Music of all different genres but my heart is Metal!! I’ve been through some ruff times and graduated from the school of hard knocks! I’ve always turned to Music to pull me back.. it’s my life force.. I’ve done some talk radio before and now I’ve come back!! Back from the dead to infect your head with magic that only music brings!! I just hope your all ready for PrimeTime. In short, … To sum it up.  I get fucked up and do fucked up shit!!

Syko is a lifelong musician and lover of all things rock and metal. A staunch advocate of the heavy me word and perhaps most importantly, participation! tal lifestyle and supporter of local bands he takes any and all opportunities to help aspiring artists in any way he can. As a firm believer in solidarity and the power of unity, he strives to connect the heavy metal community as much as possible. From booking shows to recording bands it’s all about supporting, spreading the word and perhaps most importantly, participation!

Renee Onyx aka Lady Z is the genius behind Onyx Alley Radio Show and The ROX BOX. It started as a dream as a young child with an insatiable appetite for great music. She always wanted to be on radio and on television and when the opportunity presented itself to be a Radio Personality and DJ, she ran with it. Once the show was off the ground she was able to pursue her true passion of assisting new unsigned and underground bands. She works nonstop to bring you all the great music featured on the Onyx Alley Radio Show and all the things related to music and helping others.